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  Immediate complications of this surgical operation include:
  • hemorrhage, sometimes to the point of death or requiring a transfusion;1-10
  • minor infections;11-14
  • life-threatening infections such as
    • sepsis,15-17
    • meningitis,18-19
    • gangrene,20-28
    • staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome,29-30
    • erysipelas,31
    • and scrotal abscess;32-33
  • acute urinary retention leading to renal failure;34-38
  • penile ischemia;39
  • necrosis;40-45
  • buried penis;46-57
  • partial or complete penile amputation;58-74
  • iatrogenic hypospadias;75
  • total denudation of the penis;76-83
  • abdominal distension;84
  • pneumothorax;85
  • plastibell retention;86-91
  • urethral fistula;92-100
  • meatal ulceration;101-102
  • keloid formation;103-105
  • ruptured bladder;106
  • gastric rupture;107
  • tachycardia and heart failure;108
  • myocardial injury;109
  • iatrogenic burns;110-111
  • pulmonary embolism;112
  • phimosis;113-115
  • unilateral leg cyanosis;116
  • and death.117-120

Of the studies on circumcision complications published to date, all but one have been retrospective, which would tend to underestimate the true incidence of complications. Reported retrospective complication rates have included 2.0%,121 3.1%,122 and 6.4%.123 The only prospective study documented hemorrhage following 9.9% of circumcisions.124 No other complications were investigated in that study.

Topical anesthesia carries the risk of methemoglobinemia.125-128 Local anesthesia does not ameliorate post-operative pain as the baby voids and defecates into an open wound.129

Once home from the hospital, the baby faces an increased risk of penile130 and other skin infections,131-133 inflammation of the meatus, meatal stenosis,134-149 coronal adhesions,150-153 and skin bridges.154-156
Courtesy R. S. Van Howe, MD, Marshfield Clinic, Minocqua, Wisconsin, USA.

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